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What we seek to accomplish (Contd from home page)

West African region, and among African communities overseas, beginning at our corporate headquarters in Columbus, Ohio, USA with an African population of over 300,000. We are currently designing plans to establish presence among the very people we are trying to help by building clinics right in the capital cities of all West African countries. The response we've received have been overwhelming. Many people have in their own little ways, supported or pledged to support our vision.

We plan to reach out to every West African child and adult diagnosed with a trait or is suffering from the sickle cell disease, and offer some help at no cost to them. Our objective is to complete our clinic building projects across West Africa by 2030. We are estimating that about 2 million patients will be seen at these clinics per year between 2025 and 2030, and are making adequate preparations to meet these needs. 

We plan to get the individual governments in West Africa involved, but we are also determined that we will accomplish this vision with or without them. By the time all our clinics are in place and running, we hope to have fulfilled our major task of creating awareness, treatment, and education at the epicenter of the sickle cell epidemic: West Africa.

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