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Mission Statement

To raise awareness about the silent, ravaging effects of the sickle cell disease in West Africa.
To educate and prepare current and would-be parents about the importance of, and steps needed for prevention.
To get help for everyone who either has a trait or have been diagnosed with the sickle cell disease as quickly as possible.
To get the governments of West African countries involved in this tragic problem that has plagued this region for so long.


  • Complete our 22 clinic building projects across West Africa by 2030.

  • See and offer treatment to at least 2 million sickle cell patients by 2030.

  • Reach at least half of the people of the West African region with our "Sickle Cell Awareness" campaign by 2030.

  • Upgrade our clinics to full-scale state-of-the-art sickle cell medical emergency treatment centers by 2030.


Our one-liner:

"You are not alone"

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