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The Remaining Challenges (Contd from home page)

According to the World Health Organization, management is inadequate, national control programs do not exist, and even basic awareness campaign is missing in most countries deeply affected by Sickle Cell Anemia. Simple diagnosis that should have occurred at the time of birth is not carried out until the patient arrives with a severe and often life-threatening case of Sickle Cell Anemia.

Sickle Cell Foundation of West Africa is on a mission to change all of these with the following 7-dimensional approach:
1.   Build clinics in every Federal capital city and other major cities across West Africa
     where every effort will be made to see every patient that walks through our doors. 

2.   Work with local and federal health authorities of each individual country in West Africa
      to promote awareness, and encourage screening for all citizens.

3.   Solicit financial and moral support from men and women with compassion worldwide
      to enable us to reach out to these children and adults needing desperate help.
4.   Work with the different Pharmaceutical companies worldwide to ensure a consistent   
      supply of the well needed medications for all our patients, at reasonable prices.

5.   Embark on an intense information dissemination and education of the public
      about the deadly effects of Sickle Cell on the West African region.

6.   Participate in the ongoing research on Sickle Cell.
7.   Solicit and maintain the ever important services of volunteer doctors and clinic staff all
      over the world.

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